Célia grew up in the South Est of France (Rhône Alpe) where dance has been part of her life since she was five years old. It soon became her passion and her ambition of career.

In 2004, she entered the high school « sport-study program » specialized in dance of Villeurbanne followed by a year of professional dance training at the « Institut des Arts de l’Isère » (Grenoble) where she passed the technical exam of jazz dance (EAT Jazz) with great success. In 2006 she joined the James Carles training center in Toulouse and got hired in his dance company in 2008.

Widely enriched by that experience, in 2009 she then became a professional dancer for the companies of Géraldine Armstrong and Rick Odums in Paris. At the same period she also met Magali Vérin with who she worked between 2009 and 2011. hey performed together at the « Palais des Congrès » in Paris and at the « Zéphir » in Cayenne (French Guyanna) among other things… All this work experience openned her to modern and afro-american dance. In 2011, she decided to enlarge her artistic vision through afro-contemporary dance and went to Burkina Faso where she met and worked with the choreographer Irène Tassembedo. Since then, Célia has had performed as a dancer on many differnet types of outstanding stages such as: “Opera Aida”(directed by Eli Chouraqui), many events for “France Television”, Casino de Paris, Stade de France…

In 2013, she passed her technical exam in comtemporary dance and does many trainings in London, Brussels and Paris with the permanent will to enrich her own personal dance style. Célia’s style of dance is full of subtetly and is expressed through a very eclectic universe from where emerges her strong personality. She approaches dance as a permanent evolution, a reflection of meetings and life experiences with her own identity as an immutable base. Her origins half congoles half algerian make the topic of identity essential in her life. Enriched from this spiritual heritage, her dance brings life to her roots. She graduated from dance teacher status in jazz dance section in April 2015.

Teaching & Workshop

Outside the scene, Célia also teaches dance. Since September 2015, she has been working in several dance academies of Paris and its neighbourhood ( Kremlin- Bicetre , 16th district , 19th district ) in jazz and contemporary dance. Since 2013, she has also been teaching in primary schools and in several dance associations in Paris. She works with all ages ranging from waking up to advanced level. She also works as a choreographer during event.
Shared passion and share her knowledge and techniques, whether in modern dance, jazz and / or contemporary are the essence of her teaching.